Saturday, May 9, 2015

So yeah, got to see Karen get endowed!  Pretty cool experience.  I saw a whole lot of people from that ward from forever ago and it was cool to say what up.  Got to see Brother Bezold, the member we used to live with, but he didn't see me and bolted out of there before I got to say hi.  All the other members that were there were like "so, who are you staying with while you're in town?"  or "how long have you been home?"  I'm like... uh... I'm still a missionary guys.  My companion is right here.  I'm allowed to go to this stuff.  Anyway, Karen seemed to enjoy it and it was really good to see her!

So with Hunter we haven't really been able to talk to him this week.  They didn't come to church, surprise surprise and we're running out of ideas.  We didn't get to see Nick last week either, they were busy, but they said today for sure and they confirmed with us yesterday so I'll have to let you know how that goes later on.

We got a referral from our RSP for another part-member family with a nine year old kid named Evan!  We just met them last night and they said come by on Saturday, so again i'll have to update you on that later.  I feel like it's going to be pretty promising though!

Matt came to church which was way awesome!  Saturday we were brainstorming ways to get through his thick skull and we thought of fasting.  We were SUPER prepared for the lesson with awesome scriptures and everything and I went through it in my mind a bunch of times and was ready.  So we taught him about fasting and related the story of Alma the Younger.  We turned to Mosiah.. whatever it is.. that talks about him seeing the Angel calling him to repentance.  Then we turned over to Alma 5 where Alma is sharing his testimony and says that he gained a testimony for himself through fasting and prayer.  We told Matt that even though Alma saw an angel, that's not where his testimony came from.  His testimony came through the Spirit that was given to him through fasting and prayer.  We committed him to fast, realizing JUST then that the next day was fast Sunday (go figure) and he said he would.  We never asked him if he ended up fasting, but we promised that if he fasted and went to church that something would happen.  Hopefully it did...

Woah, almost forgot about Sherman.  Sherman is SICK.  He's 18, football player, has scholarships to ASU and U of A for football and is waay smart.  We asked him about prophets and why they're important and he was just on point.  Taught him again yesterday and we took our Priest Quorum 1st Assistant and it was legit.  We just talked about the Book of Mormon and why it's important.  Our member bore a sick testimony for like 10 minutes straight and you could slice the Spirit in the room with a knife it was so thick.  We invited him to be baptized and he was like "oh I was baptized as a baby".  Obviously I didn't want to ruin the Spirit by down-talking his previous baptism, so we just told him that we only want to add to the things that he already knows are true, to build his faith and give him an opportunity to choose baptism.  I told him as a baby he didn't have a choice to be baptized or not, but now he could add to that by showing God that he wants to be baptized, etc. etc.  That seemed to get him and he accepted.  Good day.  

We met this funny kid named Martin in the street.  Martin heard a bunch of stuff about Mormons that he thought was weird, mostly dealing with the Plan of Salvation.  He's friends with a less-active family we've been working with and when they got home he runs up to them and is like, "holy #$*$ why didn't you tell me about this?  I've just been converted to Mormonism!"  It was pretty funny.  We gave him our number but we'll be sure to follow up with the member.

Welp, that's pretty much all I got.  Be prepared with questions or whatever for when we Skype 'cause... I have no idea what to talk about.

Love y'all, see ya in a week.