Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I guess I'll start with my birthday.  The other Elders I room with (Jurgensmeier, Murphey, Forson) make a cake for me that morning, which was way sweet.  Of course I got your package which was sosick.  And then we had dinner that night with the Foulk family.  They are a super old couple that are way awesome.  Brother Foulk always comes out to help us teach and stuff, and they're way awesome.  They made me cupcakes and we had this awesome dinner and they even gave me a card!  So sweet.  Other than that, it was a pretty standard day of missionary work!
So.  More exchanges this week.  THIS time though, I was leading the area out.  Meaning I was senior companion for the day basically.  Pretty neat!  I don't think I did too bad.  Thursday was with Elder Murphey, and Saturday was with Elder Erikson - a buddy I made in the MTC.  We had a pretty cool experience (Elder Murphy and I) with Brother Hamill.  Brother Hamill is the guy that won't let his nine-year-old son get baptized because he feels he's not worthy to baptize him or something like that, and they're going through some sort of rough divorce.  So usually when we go over there we harp on him about why the freak he won't just baptize his son already, and be pretty bold with him.  When Elder Murphey and I went there though we both had the thought (which means impression) that we shouldn't even mention it.  With all the troubles they're going through, we just talked about the power of the Atonement, and read Alma the Younger's experience.  We just lovingly said that the way that brother Hamill is going to start getting on the right path is to trust in the Atonement and start coming to church again.  It was a way good lesson.  Still didn't come to church though... but it was still good. 
Last night we ate dinner at the Hinkle's home (member family we eat with every week) and when we're there we always teach their friend Angel who is investigating the church.  We taught her more about the Restoration, which was one of the most powerful experiences I've had with teaching that lesson.  Afterwards we asked if she knew Joseph Smith was a prophet.  "Yes".  Do you believe the Book of Mormon is true?  "Yes."  Do you believe that this is Christ's true church restored to the earth?..."weeeell..."
I don't think she understood that those things are all intertwined.  She said she'd be baptized once she knows though, so that'll happen soon.  Then Sister Hinkle's mom was there too, and apparently she's never been interested in the church at all.  So Elder Forson said "Grandma, will you read the Book of Mormon, and pray to know that it's true?"  Sister Hinkle's eyes went SO wide, and she looked at Elder Forson like "what are you doing?!!"  To everyone's surprise she said "Yes."  Sister Hinkle was trying to hide it, but she was crying.  She never thought her mom would be open to it.  Just goes to show the power of teaching by the spirit!
In less cool news, Kathy (our super golden investigator) didn't come to church yesterday, so she's not getting baptized this weekend.  We'll get her though!  It was awesome because we were asking like "why the heck didn't she come" and all this, but then we felt like we should contact this referral that we've been trying to contact forever, and we were finally able to teach him a lesson!  We beat him up.  (Get it, teach him a lesson?...)  Just kidding, he's super solid.  He said he really admired that we kept trying to contact him and that he felt cared about.  So sweet!
That's pretty much all I have for this week!  I see miracles every day.  Definitely hardships, but the Lord always blesses us as well!  
Keep praying for me!  I need it.  Keep having family night and everything!
Oh, and I definitely didn't get hit by a car this week.
Love you!
-Elder Cox

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