Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Si!  Tres Bautismo's coming up this weekend!  SWEET!  Here's my investigator report for this week:

Our super golden solid investigator was interviewed last week and literally one of the first things that the Elder said about her interview was, "Dude... she's so solid."  I'm just like, "uh, yeah.  I know!"  That's what you get when members refer people to you.  People get baptized and you get lasting conversion!  Great stuff!  Last week during one of our lessons, she said to us, "So I think I rushed into things a little bit..."  Of course my first thought is "oh crap.  She's about to drop us.  Our super solid golden investigator is going to drop us."  Then, she tells us, "I've been so excited about my baptism that I kind of told all of my friends that it was going to happen on the 15th, and I know we talked about that date but I wasn't sure if that was officially it."  Hahaha it was such a relief.  We just told her that it's absolutely not a problem that she invites a bunch of her friends to her baptism.  

Our guy that has smoked for the past 41 years, doesn't smoke any more.  Miracle?  Yes.  Can anything be done through Jesus Christ?  Absolutely.  He is turning out to be more solid that I thought he was?  Yes.  I am so amazed, he's the most rough-around-the-edges guy I've met ever, including Dad (hehe).  It's like if you take Dad, but he grew up in New York, never met Mom or was Mormon ever, smoked since he was 11, and swore like a sailor...  Well... I guess he already does swear like a sailor :)  He is amazing though.  He really has the gentlest heart and such sincerity.  He's so grateful for us coming into his life.  So amazing.  Once again?  He was a member referral.  Go figure that all the member referrals are getting baptized!\

I've mentioned before the investigators where the couple that-- like a month ago -- prayed for us to come over and then we stopped by the next day.  We put her on date for February 15th over a month ago.  Then, I'm not sure if I mentioned or not, she ran off.  She left her husband and just took off.  We honestly had never expected to see her again.  But, lo and behold,Saturday night look who decides to show up!  And look who is still preparing for baptism on the 15th... aaannd look who just gave us all her cigarettes and coffee so that she can be baptized.  Yeah... Miracles abound!

So I went on exchanges with Elder Murphey, one of the zone leaders, this week.  Elder Murphey is one of those missionaries that I definitely want to hang around after the mission.  Super cool guy.  But, since he's a Spanish missionary, I decided I needed to make more headway in my Spanish.  So this time, we were at an investigator's house and Elder Murphey asked if I would like to pray in Spanish.  So I just went for it, and I sewed a grandiloquent tapestry of praises to God in Spanish that made all in the room weep with joy.  Okay, not really that, but pretty close.  I said, "Padre Celestial, muchos gracias por" and then said something in English.  Then I said "gracias por" and then something in English.  And then, when i was done, I said "en el nombre de JesuCristo, amen."  Super cool!  Prayed in Spanish, sorta.

So it's orange season 'roun' her' and we made our own orange juice.  It was by far the best orange juice I've ever had.  We have received boxes and boxes of oranges from people that give them to us.  Pretty awesome!

So I met this deaf lady.  She was on our list and we had tried to see her for a while.  We had no idea she was deaf until we met her.  The experience I had was really cool.  She got a pen and paper and the first thing she wrote was "I am elect.  Am interested in church."  Holy cow!  I wish everyone could just hold up a sign that says "I'm elect, baptize me!"  Alas, we can't teach her because... well... she's deaf.  Kind of hard.  Maybe I'll just put my hands on her ears and command that they be unstopped.  Jesus did it, why can't I?

Welp, that's pretty much all the news for this week, other than I'm eating healthy(ish) and running tons every day.  I'm going to get jacked out of my mind.  Also, I'm continuing to get jacked in my testimony.  The church is true, Jesus Christ really is our Savior, Heavenly Father loves us, and this work is the most important work there is!
Love you!

-Elder Cox

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