Saturday, September 20, 2014

To answer your question Mom, the p-day change is because we went to the Temple this morning, not because of that conference. The conference is going to be with Elder Christofferson on Saturday morning! Should be pretty cool! We have the suspicion that he will either chastise us like crazy or tell us how awesome we are. Probably the 2nd one, because we're awesome. Our rehearsals for the musical number have been going well, so I'm excited for that. It gets me excited whenever I get to do anything with music, because my abilities are kind of stagnating. It's good to be reminded of the thrill of rehearsing, perfecting, and performing music. Looooooove it!

Oh yeah, and about that drummer guy I talked about? We went by and his wife told us to stop soliciting their house. Needless to say, he wasn't interested. Not even in just talking about drums. *sigh* All well.

Our awesome investigator James hasn't been to church for a couple weeks now. We've been trying to get in contact with him with little avail. Hopefully we'll reach him soon.

We got another investigator named James who's a little older. We were biking our...bikes... (words) down the street and he called out to us. He just got out of prison for who-knows-what (doesn't really matter) and is having some hard times. He doesn't feel worthy for God's love or for his family's love. In his mind it's better to leave his family alone than to be a part of their life. We're trying to convince him otherwise! He's got some other concerns that are getting in the way as well, but the cool part is that he called out to us. That's gotta show something, right? Hopefully we can get the point in his head about the infinite nature of the Atonement. It doesn't matter what he's done, he can be forgiven and he can still feel God's love.

Oh yeah, so last Monday right? As in, the 8th. One of our zone leaders' heart started racing and he was getting lightheaded and dizzy and all sorts of stuff. -- Just to get to the point of that, he had a couple anxiety attacks, he's fine. He's going home soon and they think that's why. Anyway, so he started having these problems and he tells us he needs to go to the hospital. Elder Reed and I were just grabbing our bikes ready to head out for the day after p-day. He comes in and asks us if we want to come with them. We said we were planning on working, obviously. He tells us that he really wants us to go with him. "Alright I guess, you're the boss." so at about 6:00 we have to make the long journey up to the Tempe/Phoenix area because that's where the nearest hospital is-- about 40 minutes away. We get to the ER and wait for a while before they finally call his name. All four of us stand up to go back there and the doctor-man stops us and says that only two can go back. So of course, Elder Reed and I sit back down in the waiting room. About 8 hours later, at 1:00 in the morning, they finally come back out. We were the only people left in the waiting room. We got to sit there for 8 hours and watch people come and go, come and go, come and go. Ssuuuuper fun... But we got to talk to this nice lady in a wheelchair. We taught her a lesson and gave her a card so she can refer the missionaries in her area, so that was good. I guess the real reason I tell this story is because it's so out of the "norm". I love when things are out of the norm. Such as having p-day today instead of Monday. Keep things interesting! I tend to get tired of routine.

Did I already talk about the Russ guy we met? He also served time in prison recently (they're cool Mom, I promise). We met him through a less-active member. The less-active is actually related to one of the missionaries in our zone, so both our companionships go over there to teach her. She's a pretty cool lady, but even cooler is the fact that she referred her roommate. He seems pretty interested. He also has a lot of things he would need to work on to be baptized, but he's got a really good heart. We haven't met with him too much, but I think we're going over there today.

Hope all ya'll are doing great. I am! The church is true!

Here are some pictures demonstrating the effectiveness of personal study in our apartment. Elder Reed looks like he's sleeping, but he's actually not. He was so focused that he didn't even notice me taking a selfie. Looks like the other two had a little bit more of a challenge staying awake :) Obviously I'm just as guilty seeing as... I'm taking selfies during personal study. I don't usually do that though. Usually.

Love you!
-Elder Cox

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