Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey y'all.  This will be my second longest area at 4 1/2 months, not consecutively!  Woo!  I thought for sure I was moving again, just keep pinging me around.  
So funny story, our zone leaders got whitewashed out.  Funny huh?  Not really.  Okay, but what's funny is that one of my TRAINEES is my ZONE LEADER.  Nothing says "you're super old" than when your trainee is your zone leader.  What a stud.  Anyway, we did all kinds of fun stuff with the other ZL's before they left.  I have a couple pictures...
One time we went to McDonalds the very last thing of the day.  They have this spring meal deal going on where you buy 2 big macs, 2 large fries, and 20 chicken nuggets for like 14 bucks or something.  Originally we were going to get ice cream cones, and what do you know... we end up walking out with these huge meals.  Me and one of the zone leaders split one so we only had a big mac, large fry, and 10 nuggets each.  My companion and other zone leader however were feeling very ambitious thinking they could eat the whole thing.  It's like 3600 calories or something.  Needless to say, they didn't finish.  We ate it at like 10:00 P.M. right before bed and needless to say, that was a bad idea.  Anyway, when I hit rock bottom like that it always kindles my desire to eat healthy and such.
We also built a big blanket fort and slept in it.  It was hot.
As far as stuff that I'm actually supposed to tell my family, here goes:
Hunter is still doing well, they never come to church though and we're pretty fed up not knowing what to do.  What's worse is that every time the dad is like "yeah we'll totally be there, no doubt, for sure this time guys.  Not kidding around."  Then they don't show.  That's pretty much our only problem right now.
That part-member family I talked about is super cool.  I think they're prepared but we need to get them married first, and they can only meet once a week so that'll make it go a little slower.  They're cool though.  He's a tattoo artist and apparently a gourmet cook.  He wants to have us over for dinner and I definitely won't complain.  We only were able to talk to them for a few minutes but they're super legit.
I got permission to go with Karen to the temple this Saturday so uh... yeah.  That's super legit.
We taught this cool black guy named Zedrick.  He works for border patrol and is SO JACKED.  Other than that, he's a cool guy and seems interested.  They were teaching him here a little there a little before I got here and we were finally able to get in the door.  His family doesn't seem interested at all but maybe that will change.  We got some info from his neighbor that they may have lost some loved ones recently so we were able to hit him hard with the plan of salvation.  I feel it went pretty well.
Our bishop is super stoked about missionary work right now and wants to keep pushing forward with more missionary activities and firesides and everything.  There's starting to be a pretty big push and we're excited for it.
Welp, that's all I got for ya family.  Love y'all

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