Saturday, July 12, 2014

This has already proven to be the absolutely most insanely random transfer of the history of anyone's mission ever... let me explain...

Well, maybe before I get to the really crazy stuff, I'll start at the beginning of the week:

So I gave my last zone meeting as a zone leader, which ended up being really good! We talked about vision, and how we need to envision success. We had a little "tour" set up around the church and took a walk-through of an investigator's experience. We started with teaching the first lesson, and inviting them to be baptized, and them saying yes. Then moved to imagining them getting a Book of Mormon, inviting them to be baptized on a date, and them saying yes. We then took them into the chapel and imagine their investigators at the church for the first time, and taking the sacrament for the first time as a new member. We then moved into the primary room where we had the baptismal font filled up, and had them imagine their investigators dressed in white. It was a pretty cool experience, and I think it worked out! In any case, it was a good last zone meeting as a zone leader.

Okay, so now for the "insanity": So we're chillin in Costa Vida after zone meeting and a guy walks up to me and asks, "Hey, are you from the Murray 2nd ward?"
He then told me that he is Elder Baker(I think?) and that he served in our ward. Not only did he serve in our ward, but he was there for my farewell talk. He told me that he had just got done with his mission the week previous. What the heck?! There's no way that's a coincidence! Why I needed to meet that guy, I have no idea, but crazy insanity nonetheless. It gets better.

So we're sitting in transfer meeting. As usual, the adrenaline is pumping wondering where am I going to go, who am I going to be with, etc. President Toone goes through the zones alphabetically. After each zone I get more and more anxious. Ahwatukee, Casa Grande, Chandler, Gilbert, Maricopa, Mesa. Am I going back to Phoenix? Phoenix, Phoenix South. No, doesn't look like it. There's only two options left. Either I stay in Tempe where I was just a zone leader (awkward!) or I'm going to Yuma. Oh please, don't let me go to Yuma during July. It's one of the hottest habitable places on Earth (literally). And THEN: "In Tempe area 22....
Elder Cox..."
Oh heck, I'm white-washing AGAIN. Great.
"...and Elder Francis..."
Suddenly, out of no where, there's a 6-year-old girl screaming at the top of her lungs. Oh, wait! That 6-year-old is ME! It was okay, because there was another 6-year-old girl named Elder Francis who was screaming as well! Yes. Elder Francis and I are companions, yet again. What President is thinking? I have no idea, but all I know is that it's going to be SICK! SO EXCITED! I guess we did it wrong the first time, and so we get to try again :P

So we go into President's office so he can explain our "special assignment". We still don't really get it, but I guess we help with things around the office, go sometimes with President to Zone Conferences, help the AP's with weekly stats, and do other random stuff that he wants us to do. Coffee boys, so to speak. Crazy!

So as part of this "assignment", we get a call from President to give a blessing to a lady in the hospital. We were pretty far away, so he had us come to the mission home and gave us the keys to a 15-passenger van. What?... Not only that, but we got a "WARNING" text about a massive dust storm that was coming into the valley. We could see it in the distance, a big red wall of zombie-apocalypse-looking virus dust. So we're booking it in this giant van and right as we get to the hospital...the storm hits. We get out, dust in our faces we're running towards the door of the hospital. We swing the doors open, and I slam my fist on the front desk, "We need to find room D315 NOW!" (not really). We're running (walking) through the hospital hallways, zombies left and right (there was actually one person on a gurney that we're pretty sure was dead. I count it). Long story short, we gave this nonmember lady a blessing, and she said she felt a wave of warmth start at her head down to her toes with a feeling of "We got this. I won't let you down". Pretty cool experience. Just another day in the life of us crime-fighting vigilantes.

Another day I was riding my bike along...
Oh yeah, I'm in a biking area. *Pop*, WWoOOooo...
Anyway, I'm riding along and we hear what sounds like an air compressor leaking. Ah, freak. It's my tire with presumably a huge hole in it. I keep riding in faith. Tender mercy of the day, I keep riding and my tire had no problems... what? Miracle.

Running out of time, but we had a homeless man come to church. His name is Squeaky. That's not a joke. Insanity!

Here's my new address!:
2045 S. McClintock Dr. #126
Tempe, AZ 85282

Love y'all!

-Elder Cox

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