Saturday, July 12, 2014

Yeeeepp. Transferred again. Shoot! I really liked it here. All well. I'm also no longer a Zone Leader, which is weird considering I was a zone leader for... 6 weeks. President called Saturday and asked if that would be okay so that he could have me do a "special assignment" that I still know nothing about. I guess maybe there will be more news on that later? My assumption is that I was just not needed as a ZL anymore so he told me I'd get something "super special" to help me feel good. Who knows? In any case, it'll be an interesting week!

Speaking of interesting week, this last week was pretty interesting also! We tried a little game called "car sauna". You can probably guess what this game entails... I think they do it on the Big Bang Theory? Anyway, it all started when Elder Bressler was driving. I was backing him out of the parking space. As I get in the car, he says "man, it's really hot!" As I sit there I think to myself, "Yeah, it is really hot. It's hotter than usual.... wait a second!" He had the heater cranked up all the way. Not only that, it was already 100,000 degrees outside. So we decided to make a game out of it and see who could last the longest. Long story short, we both got dehydrated, passed out, crashed the car into oncoming traffic, and wound up in the hospital.

...Okay, that didn't really happen. At least, the last part. But as we finally pulled the car over and stepped outside, it really made us appreciate the crisp, cool, 104 degrees. It was actually kind of cold! It helped us really appreciate the companionships that have to bike during the summer. Hopefully my new area will be a driving area... fingers crossed!

On a slightly more spiritual note, we performed a musical number yesterday! I got to play guitar, Elder Bressler played violin, and there was a slightly less-active member who sang. We did a rendition of "If You Could Hie To Kolob" in Sacrament meeting, and it ended up sounding fairly decent! We wanted to do it because the member we performed with was feeling left out of the ward and kind of ostracized, and told us that he's been wanting to do a musical number but no one would let him. So, we made 3 quick phone calls, a couple texts, and 10 minutes later we have a musical number scheduled. (Have I already mentioned this?... all well) It was good to see the excitement on the member's face as he got to sing in front of everyone and be the star for a day. It was one of the more fun acts of service that I've done here.

Speaking of guitars and stuff, apparently there's been a problem in the mission of Elders buying electric guitars and amps and stuff and going way overboard, so President is cracking down on musical instruments. Darn. As for the guitar... I guess it'll just get left behind. Maybe I could sell it or something, who knows. In any case, my P-day jazzy hymn playtime has come to an end. Sad sad day.

Pretty cool experience with the Priesthood last week! Remember me telling you about the less active member named Andre? He's a tall, black, dred-headed football player for Scottsdale community college. He came in to FHE last week and mentioned that he pulled his hamstring, and asked us for a Priesthood blessing. We told him to ask someone else, cause we were busy. But what actually happened is that we gave him a blessing. Apparently the next day, he had absolutely no problems with his hamstring, and was even able to impress the coaches and such, and lead the team in footwork drills. Super cool! Priesthood works!

That's pretty much all I got for y'all this week. Attached is a picture of me next to a super sick Subaru Impreza STI that was in an apartment parking lot. Pretty dope. Other than that, the work is still true and stuff, and I'm having fun and loving people and stuff. My family's like, cool or whatever and I guess I love you guys and stuff.

Have a good week!
Happy 4th!

-Elder Cox

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