Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hey ya'll! Yeah, the weather has been a lot better this week Momma. We had some rain, which I suppose helps a little, but really all it does it make it humid and muggy. I can't decide which is worse. But, it's been a lot cooler this week which is nice. Last night we had a random HUGE rain storm hit our area. We literally had been inside for 3 seconds and BAM, it started pouring rain. Apparently it was windy too, because when we got done with dinner we went outside and it looked like a war-zone. A powerline fell in the middle of the freeway and there were cars lined up for miles. There was debris of all kinds, and even a helicopter. Trees were fallen over in the street. The only thing we were missing was zombies. It was cool though.

So today we went golfing for our morning activity! That would explain why the email is coming a little later than it usually does. It was super fun. I'd send pictures, but the computer I'm emailing on is slower than... something really slow. And it literally took me 30 minutes just to get it up and running, so I don't want to try to load pictures. Remind me next week! I'm still terrible at golfing, but it was really fun, so there's that.

Transfers coming up this week! We're pretty certain that one of us is leaving, and Elder Francis seems pretty sure that it's me. We'll get the call Sunday, so stay tuned. I can't believe it's that time again already! Like you said Mom, in some ways I can't even fathom how fast it went, but for the most part it feels like I was born a missionary and that I'll die a missionary. Can hardly imagine "home life" anymore.

Not a whole lot to report this week! Sorry! But I'm still doing good and working hard and stuff. Love ya!

-Elder Cox

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