Monday, January 19, 2015

Alright so right into it. We ended up pushing Shane's baptismal date back to the 7th of February. He hadn't talked to his parents yet and he was just kind of panicking and feeling that he wasn't ready. After prayerful consideration, we felt the same way so we pushed it back. I've seen way too many times where people get baptized too fast and they end up going less-active immediately. So it should be good! He's still doing really well though and is finally back in town and everything's back to normal. He came to church and loved it, and is coming to FHE tonight and we're watching Meet the Mormons!
So we found this new guy Anil... we got a referral last Wednesday from the family ward missionaries and contacted him via phone the same day. It just so happened that there was a baptism going on that night at 6:00, so we texted Anil and said that we'd "give him the Bible" at 6:00, which the full intention of dragging him kicking and screaming into the baptismal service to watch it. We ended up being like 10 or 15 minutes late, just in time for everyone to be moving from the Chapel into the baptistry for the baptism. Well Anil just walks up to us and introduces himself, and apparently he just walked right into the baptismal service without us even being there. He's just like "yeah, there's this baptism going on let's go watch it!" So we did and it was great. Gave him a Bible and set up another appointment. We taught him on Friday and it went well, and he came to a Devotional last night and is going to FHE tonight! He's a sweet Hindu Indian guy.
We actually have added a lot of diversity to our teaching pool this week. We're also teaching this guy named Leo who is from Iraq and he's a Christian. I didn't even know there was such thing as an Iraqi Christian. Anyway, he's here studying and has been reading the Book of Mormon! So.. that's legit. We're also now teaching a Muslim guy and Shane is black. So yeah. I think we win the diversity award for the week.
I was on exchanges (again) for their lesson with Jeffrey, but apparently it went well and he finally prayed at the end! Woot! We haven't met with Gabe in forever but we're seeing him tomorrow sooo that's good.
Hmm.. well that's about all I got.
Welp, the Church is true and Jesus lives! That's all folks!

-Elder Cox

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