Monday, January 19, 2015

Let's see, so I guess we'll start with Janette. She got baptized! You probably don't remember Janette, but she was the one that was taking three institute classes, has a boyfriend on a mission, read the Book of Mormon a year ago and is converted to the gospel. Unfortunately, we had to pass her off because she's out of the boundaries on the weekends. But, either way she got baptized on Saturday. Wish I could say that we got to see it but we didn't.
Yeah, so ASU is finally not a ghost town anymore. Holy cow. Church was packed yesterday, which it's about time if you ask me. We got to see Shane at a devotional last night and set up appointments for us to teach him and such, and he still seems pretty solid for the 24th! But, pray for him anyway because the Devil loves to make people fall off date. He absolutely loves it. Shane is doing good though, he's read up to Jacob in the Book of Mormon which is further than a lot of converts read honestly. Solid fellowship and all, he should be good to go.
I missed our lesson with Jeffrey last week because we were on exchanges. I heard it went well though, and that he finally brought up his real concern as to why he is so tentative about baptism. Apparently his mom is like a super big anti-Mormon. Go figure, huh? Anyway, he feels like it's the right thing to do and something he wants to get involved in but he's afraid of compromising that relationship with his momma. Makes sense. We'll keep pestering him.
Jodie, our RC, has been super up and down lately --usually more down-- and recently she's back on the upward climb. She'll probably need some prayers too, while you're at it! Apparently she actually has some medical issues that make her so up and down. Anywho, she's solid again.
Gabe we haven't had a chance to meet with yet. We were expecting him at church yesterday but apparently he was in Ohio or something random. The day before school starts. So that was weird. He'll be good though! I feel like even if he doesn't get baptized he'll come to church as long as he's at ASU. He loves coming to church and loves the people here, he just doesn't feel the need to be baptized yet. We'll get him
In case anyone was wondering I'm still trudging through the Old Testament. I feel like I relate really well to it, somehow. I dunno, probably because it's crude and blunt and everyone dies all the time. I think I really like the wrathful side of God, as long as His wrath isn't pointed in my direction. I'm super weird.
Something I have been pondering lately is the "Golden Rule". Usually this applies in the sense that we "do to others and we want others to do to us", but I've lately been thinking about it in the context that Elder Holland sort-of referred to in his last General Conference talk, that is, "Do unto others and you want God to do to you." For me, it helps me be much more forgiving, merciful, charitable, service oriented, etc. Elder Holland talked about it in regards to giving to the poor, and that we're all "beggars in the sight of God", but I try to apply it to everything. Just a thought!
Welp, with school back in session you can plan on us baptizing nations. I'll let you know how that goes.
Until next time!

-Elder Cox

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