Monday, February 2, 2015

Dang iiiitttt... I just can't stick. Thee transfers isn't that long, right? Whatever, either way I'm transferred AGAIN. This will be my 8th area and 8th companion. I will admit, in the past a lot of the time I didn't really mind being transferred. This time I'm a little bitter about it. Hopefully the Lord will soften my ever-so-hardened heart and help me quit being a baby. I'll definitely miss University Ward though...
So, I am whitewashing...
And not only just whitewashing but we're still zone leaders too. My new companion is Elder Last from California, and not only do we know absolutely nothing about the area, but we know absolutely nothing about the zone. So that should be fun. This will make whitewash number 5. Anyway, so we're now in Chandler East zone, which covers parts of Chandler and Gilbert. Basically it's the most like Utah you'll ever get without actually being in Utah. Our ward is a square mile and I would say 80% of the people are members already. All the members we have talked to are super missionary minded and have already talked to all of their neighbors. It'll definitely be a change of pace from ASU where people literally just walk in the Institute wanting to know about the church. But, it's essentially the same as my second area Trailside Ward and I loved it there. So who knows.
Considering we've only been in the area about 3 days, I don't know much about it. The only thing I've heard about our ward is that everyone is super missionary minded and that we'll get fed a ton. Other than that, it's really small and our teaching pool is basically empty. We have a couple new people that were referred just before the previous missionaries got transferred out so we'll see where we go with that. I'm sure we can get some things going here. It's happened before and it'll happen again.
It's super weird going from YSA to a ward like this. Chandler is full of really wealthy young couples. I went from poor college students with a dead silent sacrament meeting to super-wealthy-young-Mormon-Ville that has TONS of tiny little kids running around and screaming and all sorts of craziness. Definitely night and day, but I'll adjust as usual.
I wish I had more to talk about, but that's about all I got! Shane was supposed to be baptized this coming weekend, but apparently that might not happen again, so who knows. As for Gabe, I told him to make sure to keep in contact over FB and such, so that shouldn't be a problem.
Oh yeah, remember Karen Hernandez? She's taking temple prep classes and should be receiving her endowment sometime this month! Woot! Can't wait to be there to support her. Should be sweet. I wish we could've gotten her husband too so that I could go to a sealing but alas, not so. Maybe someday.

Anyway, that's all folks! Love ya,
-Elder Cox

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