Tuesday, February 17, 2015

So yeah, teaching pool! We had the opportunity to teach a former investigator named Jesse. He hadn't actually met and had a lesson with missionaries, he only had talked to them. This time around he figured he'd let us teach him. Basically he told us about how he doesn't want to be a part of organized religion but if he ever did it would be for his kids. By the end he basically told us that he might start going to church a couple years down the road when the kids are older. He did say that he wants to do family history so that his kids can have an understanding of where they come from. So hopefully we can have an in with that!
Speaking of family history... Did I ever mention that I found a line in our tree that goes all the way back to Adam and Eve? So that's cool.
Other than that, we had a couple teaching opportunities with less active members but that was it. We're just in hardcore finding mode right now.
The other night Elder Erikson called me about people in the University Ward. Apparently a guy named Vincent, who we only taught twice, resurfaced after like 4 months of no contact. Remember me telling you about John? Probably not. We were sitting at the institute doing FB and a member knocks on the door and introduces us to John who just walked in wanting to learn about the church. Anyway, the last lesson we taught with him we taught the plan of salvation and he was just eating it up. It took forever. We actually had another appointment that Elder Erikson went to midway through the lesson with another member. So after he left the lesson I finished the Plan of Salvation with another member there. We weren't planning on extending a date to him, but I got the impression that I should, so I extended February 28. He declined it, but said he would pray about it, and did so at the end of the lesson. Well Elder Erikson called me and told me that apparently John is planning on being baptized on that day! Sweet huh!

Lastly, I held a macaw (big parrot-like bird) last night! The owner of it was seeing if the bird was in the mood to be pet, etc, and it was pecking at his hand. I held out my hand and the bird put it's talon up towards my hand. The owner said "that means he wants to climb on you", so the bird grabbed on and I was holding it and petting it. I guess I'm a bird whisperer. The bird even said "hello".

Anyway, all is well, the church is true, God lives. Till next time
-Elder Cox

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