Monday, June 1, 2015

The time has come.  It's been procrastinated for about a month, but yesterday we shot up to 108, or so I was told.  Mom you said "bring on the summer" in your email and I slightly resent you for it.  It's been alright though, staying plenty hydrated and such it's not too bad. Just really sweaty.  Really really sweaty.Yesterday we had the 5th Sunday presentation that was given to us to talk about missionary work.  Not only did we have 3rd hour, but 2nd hour as well.  The WML was mainly in charge but he asked us to speak on a couple different things.  I spoke about social media and such, which is funny because I still completely suck at using Facebook.  Anyway, I showed some conversations I've had with people online and examples of good posts, etc.  It went pretty well I thought.  

No transfer news yet, I think they've officially decided to wait until Tuesday night to call for transfers, and then have transfers on Thursday.  It seems like it changes every time but I think that's what they're settling with.  So again, I could be in a totally different place next week but I won't find out until tomorrow night.

Not a whole ton to report this week.  I left plenty of white space so it looks like I wrote a lot more than I did, but maybe I shouldn't give that away.  Everything's all good down here in Maricopa.  I'm always sweaty and always working and I won't stop.  I was pondering what it means in the scriptures when it says don't run faster than you have strength, but be diligent.  I think the conclusion I came to is that sometimes you sprint, sometimes you walk, just move forward on the straight and narrow and don't ever stop.  Pretty catchy little jingle, huh?  I'm proud of it.  Anyway, keep moving forward.  Love y'all
-Elder Cox

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