Monday, June 8, 2015

Well weird story, I was asked to be a zone leader again for a little bit.  Transferred back into Tempe zone, but we're now in Awahtukee which is just south Tempe where all the rich people live.  For the first time ever I'm covering two wards, the Awahtukee ward and the Mountain Park Ward.  This is also the first time I've seen ANY hills on my mission because we're right next to the mountain in the foothills area, like I say, fancy part of town.  Anyway it's pretty much been super legit so far and absolutely everyone we've talked to has been WAY friendly and it seems like they love us.  My companion is Elder Wallentine who is my mission "brother" because we were both trained by the same person.  He's also Elder Erikson's trainer (my longest companion when we were in YSA).  I lived with Wally last year when I was with Elder Francis for the second time and we had a blast.  So we're super stoked to be companions and this will be his last transfer and I'll follow about three weeks after.  Luckily we're both pretty focused and ready to tear it up.  He's been in the area before so it's been a little easier that way.
Oh yeah, whitewash #7.  Woopie.So far we haven't been able to really get to know anyone too in-depth... we've only been here since Thursday and we have two wards so I've had to try and remember twice as many names.  One part-member family we met on our first day the non-member husband plays bass.  Pretty much only a matter of time before he's in the font.  I didn't actually meet him but we talked to his wife and I saw all the basses laying around.  He also has a brand new 2015 Mustang and I jokingly asked the wife if we could take it for a spin.  She said "yeah go for it!" and I was really bummed because it's against the rules.  I'll have to come back here and burn rubber.I saw some of the biggest houses I've ever seen in this area.  Some of the richest people in Arizona live in Awahtukee.  There's some of the pro football players, all the best lawyers and businessmen, etc. etc.  The good thing though too is that there's tons of apartment complexes in the area too which provides plenty of more humble and willing people.  Also more transient so we don't talk to the same people that the previous missionaries have talked to for like 10 years straight.  It seems like a super sick area.  Because of a lot of businessmen and things, the ward leadership is stacked.  One of the wards actually goes TRACTING.  FOR US.  The Ward Mission Leader like once a week just goes with a Ward Missionary and tracts.  What the heck?  Also one of the counselors in the Stake Presidency is in our ward and he wants us to have members with us Tuesday-Thursday from 6-9 every week and he's really pushing for it.  Anyway... super legit.  I'm pretty stoked to be in this area.  Like I say, not a ton to report on because I don't know anyone, but we have several prospects that are looking pretty good.  More to come in the near future.  Until then, we have MLC on Thursday which is usually decent, and tons of missionary work in between.  I have a car again which is the biggest tender mercy ever now that we're getting into the hotter part of the year.  It's still actually been surprisingly nice the past week or so.  By "nice" I mean 95.  95 is "nice".Anyway, love y'all and have a good week.  The church is true, hope you never have any questions as to whether or not Elder Cox has a testimony of the Restored Gospel.  It's becoming more and more blatantly obvious to me that Jesus is the Christ and that he speaks through his servants the prophets.  

Love ya,     
Elder Cox

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