Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I need to repent.  Usually I write down things in my planner that I plan...(ha...) on writing home about.  This week however... I didn't.  All well!  Let's hope my memory serves me well.  Speaking of memory, I've realized that I must be developing photographic memory, because... my memory is simply amazing.  I'm pretty sure it's only when the Lord needs me to remember something and the Spirit allows me to, but still.  It's legit.  

Hmmm... let's see.

So!  Jeff Itoh, the one I said that dropped us last week because of his wife not support him?  Yeah, he called us that night and said something like "She changed her mind" and we're teaching him now!  Better news, he's getting baptized on November 30th.  Woot woot!  He's seriously the most solid investigator I've ever met.  His testimony is probably better than mine already!  Really cool moment that happened was when our Bishop during a lesson asked him, "What would it mean to you to have a prophet today?"  and his response was "Oh, it'd be huge!".  Just goes to show how often we (maybe just "I") take the prophet for granted.  It really is huge.  We have a person who communes with the Lord regularly.  So sweet!  Anyway, so Jeff is super solid.  Did I mention he has triplets?  They're 4.  And they're crazy.  Super awesome though.  Matt and Liz, just be glad you aren't having triplets!  The next step for Jeff is to get his wife involved.  She's not really interested right now, but she will be, given enough faith.  I could probably have enough faith to take away everyone's agency and then I'd be a REALLY good missionary.  And Satan.

Our investigators Ronnie and Cassy are getting married today!  Best part?  We didn't even teach them the law of Chastity!  They are just prepared by God to be baptized.  They've had the plans for a while and now they should be all set.  The Lord really does provide!  The really cool part is.. their son Jarell.  He's 12 and is in scouts, and has a bunch of friends in the church.  First thing he says to us when we meet him?  "I want to get baptiz-md."  Well, okay Jarell, I guess you can be baptis-md.  He has such solid understanding too.  When we asked him what it means if the Book of Mormon is true he said "that means Joseph Smith is a prophet."  What does that mean?  "The church is true!"  What does that mean?  "I can get baptized!"  What does that mean?  "I can go to the Celestial Kingdom!"  What the freak Jarell, we never even talked about the Celestial Kingdom?!  So sweet.  They're done for. (In a good way)

We're teaching this girl named Shabrea, and she's getting baptized too!  Same day as Jeff! Just kidding actually, she had to push back her date... So that's exciting.  Because she's 16 we're worried about her not having permission.  The familial support is definitely not there right now, but hopefully it'll work out!  Dang girl just needs to gota' church.

What else...hmm.
Oh yeah!  So Grandma Hinkle got baptized!  Her last name isn't actually Hinkle because she's sister Hinkle's mom, but whatever.  She's grandma Hinkle to me.  She's one of the people we taught in Maryvale who was super against the Church and thought we worshipped Joseph Smith and thought we were a cult.  That was like, a month ago.  And now she's a member.  BOO YA!

Oh, how could I forget about Trailside Miracles!  Only one that I can really think of:
We were at church yesterday and the sister missionaries come to Gospel Principles and call us out of class.  They introduce us to this lady named Anna.  Anna walked to church.  She walked into the church.  Nobody knew Anna.  Anna had a Book of Mormon in her hand and said "I know this book is true, and I need to learn more about it" (more or less).  What the crap!?  Trailside MIRACLES!  The miracle turned sour when she went to relief society though, because they just let her go right out the door right after relief society.  What.  The.  Freak.
So we're just going to pray and pray and pray and pray and pray some more that she comes back to church next week.  Still a miracle though.

In light of Thanksgiving:
Thank you all so much for being so supportive.  I absolutely love hearing from everyone, and I'm glad to know that you all (most of you :P ) love me.  I love you!

Peace, Love, the Gospel.


-Elder Cox

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