Monday, November 4, 2013

Snow huh?  Well that's weird.  Still probably in the 70's here!  Feels really nice, especially at night!
Halloween sounded fun!  We were stuck inside updating our Area Book on our
iPads all night...wait...what?

Yes.  iPads.

In other news, we have a new investigator named Julio, and guess what?  He's getting baptized!  A lot can sure happen in a week.  We met him on the street outside his house.  He's probably about 5'4" or something and super skinny and Mexican, with tattoos all over.  So, we told him what we do as missionaries and we had him say a prayer with us!  You could tell as he described the way he felt that he felt the Spirit way strong.  Of course, we let him know what that feeling was and how he could have more of it in his life.  Way cool!  So a few days later the ward was having a neighborhood chili cook-off/trick or treat thing for the kids and we invited him to it!  He has like 6 kids (3 of them are baptismal age, boo-ya) and they all showed up with him and his (soon to be) wife! Way sweet.  He was introduced to a bunch of ward members and felt loved and at home.  Eventually he left the shindig without saying anything to us, but we see him come running back and he just said he was so thankful for inviting him to the thing and he was sorry that he didn't say good-bye before he left.  So sweet!  So like, the next day or something we taught him the Restoration, and we asked him if he would be baptized.  He said yes.  We told him we'd be holding a baptismal service on November 23rd, and asked if he would prepare himself for that date.  His response?  "What time?".  Awesome. Out of any response I've ever gotten out of investigator, that was the best one.  We're going to start teaching the whole family and baptize 'err buddy.

Exchanges!  I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders again today, but this time I went to their area, which is Spanish speaking.  I wish I could say I had a gift of tongues moment where I started blurting out stuff in Espanol, but I didn't.  The cool thing was though, that even though I couldn't understand what anyone was saying, I could feel the Spirit.  The Spirit is universal, and you really can feel it testify that what is being said is good.  It was sweet. Se que La Iglesia de JesuCristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias es verdadero.

Okay fine, I'll tell you about the iPads.  They are saweeeeet!  We got iPad minis, and we each get one.  Not even one per companionship, but everyone.  They're awesome.  We can use Gospel Library which is SO helpful, and we use them for Facebooking now too.  They have an app on them that has our area book on it, which has all of our investigators, what they've been taught, potential investigators, ward members, etc.  It's sweet.  Eventually the goal is to have the app replace the missionary daily planner.  Too bad right now the planning part of the app sucks.  It isn't even on version 1.0 yet though, so they'll work out the kinks.  Pretty sweet though!  It's so so nice to have for teaching and for studying.  So much information!  Of course we aren't able to download anything else and everything on the internet is blocked pretty much, but I don't blame them!  It's definitely a new age a missionary work.  They're essentially breaking down all boundaries of a mission area, allowing us to teach anywhere in the world via Facebook.  Pretty legit!  Also, we have iPads.  Who doesn't want an iPad?  Way sweet.

Last thing, I tried to emulate Matt's super-famous made-out-of-hangers backscratcher.  It doesn't look quite as graceful as his, nor does it work as well.  However, it gets the job done.  Elder Francis tried to make one too, but needless to say the legacy of Matt's mission back-scratcher lives on.

Welp, that's all folks.  Love you all!

-Elder Cox

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