Monday, November 25, 2013

I didn't think it would ever rain here, but it totally did this week.  For like 3 days or something.  That being said, the temperature dropped a bunch, and it feels absolutely amazing outside.  It's probably in the 50's?  Something like that.  Super nice.  Maybe even the 60's.  I don't know whether it's disobedient or not, but I wear my short-sleeves even in the cold.  There ain't no how I'm 'gon wear a suit biking around.  Ah, who am I kidding, we've been using the car this week.  I'm getting fat.

Cool life experience about teaching by the Spirit!  So we knock on this guy Michael's door.  We've been trying to get in touch with Michael forever and this time we knocked and he said, "Look guys, I think I'm just going to be non-denominational and just stick with the Bible" or something like that.  This was all remedied with a simple question from Elder Francis of:  "What brought you to that decision?"  His response was... "uhh, I'm not sure..."  Well okay!  So, we talked about the Book of Mormon and how it in no way replaces the Bible, and he brought up a concern of "Well I heard in the church that you are only allowed to marry another Mormon."  Well, that's not really true buddy, so... awkward.  By the end of the lesson, he had a Book of Mormon in his hand, and follow-up appointment, and his last words before he shut the door was, "You guys are good!".  No good sir, the Spirit is good.  That is a testimony that when we teach by the spirit it will touch the hearts of the people we teach, and they will feel that it's true.

This week, I met a sweet 94-year-old less active lady named Sister Miller.  She was great.  I've always been confused when people say that they love old people, because I just don't get it.  It's very difficult to carry on a conversation with an old person.  However, this instance changed my thoughts on old people, or at least this old person. (Anyone offended yet? :P )
Sister Miller said a couple things that I (probably) will never forget.  (Until I'm an old person...ha!...)  We were just talking to her about...whatever it is that old people like to talk about, and looking back on her life she just simply said.. "Yeah, it's been fun."  I don't know why, but this had such a profound impact on me.  I imagined myself as a wrinkly 94-year-old man, and my only hope now is that I can look back on my life and simply say, "Yeah, it's been fun!"  Great.  The other thing she said that was so funny is, "When I get to the other side, I hope that there's a suggestion box because I have a few things to mention".  Haha, what a sweet old lady.

Do you remember me talking about Paul Sheck?  Have I mentioned him?  He's a less-active guy in probably his thirties.  Well come to find out, he's from Murray! Graduated from Murray High in '98.  Weirdest part?  He's the step-son of Mister... DANG IT!  What's his name?!  Biology teacher...  Scheidell! That's the one.  I am teaching the step-son of Mister Scheidell.  Weird huh?  In any case, I don't think I mentioned one of the miracles that happened during a Paul Sheck lesson.  Essentially, Paul has told us that he will never go to church.  He thinks he knows everything and that he doesn't need it.  We taught the "big 3" (church, read, pray) in an object lesson and asked Paul what he think he could do to improve.  He said "I could definitely read and pray more, but I'm not going to church."  By the end of the lesson, we had Paul say the closing prayer and in his prayer he asked God to "help [him] read and pray..."  he paused "... and go to church."  Hahaha, sucker.  The spirit is telling him he needs to go to church and he just asked GOD to help him go to church.  His butt is going to church sooner or later.  Trailside miracles!

Welp, that's it!  I'm super excited for Thanksgiving so that I can binge at two different dinners.
Game time.

Love you all!
-Elder Cox

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