Tuesday, December 3, 2013

AGAIN!  What my heck?  At this rate, I'm going to have no one to visit after the mission because I'll only have been in each area for 6 weeks.  *SIGH*.  All well.  We'll find out where I'm going on Wednesday, so once again don't send anything unless it's already been sent.

Kinda lame, especially because Elder Francis and I get along so well.  But, what can you do.  I understand the Lord wouldn't put me anywhere unless I needed to be there.

Thanksgiving!  Yeah, it was pretty legit.  We had Thanksgiving with the Bundy family who is actually from Murray as well!  I was like "what the freak?" because it seems like everyone is from Murray.  They are pretty cool though.  I think she's been a lifelong member and he recently converted, or something like that.  So we gorged there and had our second dinner at about... 8:30 that night.  Super late, and really it was just leftovers from the dinner that the old Ward Mission Leader had.  So we ate all his leftovers and then slept, which made for a nice feeling in the stomach the next morning.  But yeah, Thanksgiving was good.  Elder Francis' mom overnighted some rolls too, which actually just got here today.  So much for "overnight".  All's well, they're still good.

Once again I failed to write down things that I would tell my family about this week.  We had a pretty cool miracle yesterday when someone decided to come to church out of the blue.  He's the son of a recent convert and he's been in prison a bunch and just decided he wants to change his life around and he came to church!  We were able to teach him a lesson (pow, thwack, bam!) and then set up an appointment for today!  So hopefully that goes well.  *Cough*, excuse me.  It will go well.

I dunno if you remember me talking about our super-solid investigator Jeff Itoh.  Probably not.  Well, Jeff was supposed to get baptized on Saturday but it didn't end up happening.  I'm pretty sure I already told you it wasn't going to happen last week, because that's when he decided.  It's super frustrating too because he knows everything is true, really wants to get baptized, and absolutely LOVES the church, but he's just hung up on one thing:  His 4-year-old triplets are bored during Sacrament meeting.  What?!  Of course they are!  I'M bored during sacrament meeting, and I'm a missionary!  It's all good though, because the primary is assembling a "sacrament kit" you could say that has all sorts of kiddie things to play with.  Hopefully that'll work out.  He's done for sure. (in the baptized sort of way)

I was hoping to have the title of this email be "A very Trailside Christmas", but seeing as how I'll be spending Christmas elsewhere, I guess it's not "very Trailside".  Super sad, because we DECKED the halls, that is, our room, with jolliness.  We made snowflakes, put up stickers, were even going to have a tree, we have a Santa door-hang, lights on the bunk-bed... But alas, Christmas in Trailside is but a dream.  All well.  I'll get over it eventually.

Hope you guys have a great week! :)

-Elder Cox

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