Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Okay, so transfers!  I am now in Capitol ward, one of the other English wards in the Phoenix stake.  I just keep jumping around from English ward to English ward in the Phoenix stake.  It's too bad I can't stay anywhere long enough to really do some damage, but I'll make do.  Capitol ward is the ward just south of Maryvale ward, so really I'm pretty much where I started.  Trailside ward was down south in Laveen, just like 20 minutes south.  Still in Phoenix zone and everything.  Make sense?
So, not only am I transferred again into a new ward, but so is my companion Elder Wilcox.  President Toone probably thinks he's so funny putting Cox and Wilcox together.  I can imagine his 7 foot tall fram just chuckling at the thought of Cox and Wilcox together.  Anywho!  So, we are doubling in the area which means that neither of us were in this area before, and neither of us know what's going on.  Pretty interesting!  I've said throughout my mission that I think it would be fun doubling into an area.  I was definitely wrong.  It's pretty hard!  I'm sure it would generally be easier, but because of situations (drama) with missionary companionships in the area before we came here, there really is absolutely no paperwork done for anything, so we don't even have a teaching pool yet. 
On the bright side, we got a baptism on Saturday!  Yes, a baptism after three days of being in the area.  The other missionaries put a nine year old on date and then left us to figure out the logistics of it.  Either way, we got the credit for helping someone enter into eternal covenants.  BOO YA!
Currently, we're on track to baptize weekly too!  There are 2 other investigators, one whose nine, and one whose been investigating for like four years, who are both going to be baptized in the coming weeks.  Couple that with faith, finding some new elect people, teaching them, and baptizing them, I'd say we're pretty set up to baptize every weekend for this transfer.  It's going to be legit.  As far as Elder Wilcox is concerned, he's like 6'3" or something, super nerdy -- but not in the "i play video games" or "i like science and Star Wars" kind of way, but in the super awkward kind of way, which might even be better-- and a great missionary.  Love him to death.  Still offended that they'd have the audacity to separate my eternal brother Elder Francis and I, but I will make due ;)
In other news, the new missionary that lives in my apartment came here sick, and now everyone in the apartment is sick.  Myself included.  What a jerk, bringing biological warfare into the mission field.  Tisk tisk.  The apartment we live in is pretty big and nice (for Phoenix) as opposed to the nice...*comfortable*... room that Trailside has.  Granted that Trailside is newer, but this apartment has a kitchen!  I was so excited to have a kitchen and be able to cook things that I spent like half my monthly allowance on tons and tons of cook-able food.  I just grabbed things that looked good that I knew I needed to cook and bought it.  I even bought a single can of green beans.  The weirdest part is, I totally could've cooked green beans at Trailside too, but that's beside the point.  In any case, while the apartment we live in is pretty legit, the people I'm rooming with aren't exactly the exciting type.  I'll get over it I guess, and maybe they're just shy and need a little warming up.  We'll see.
I really wish I had more to report as far as missionary work is concerned, but we really haven't accomplished a whole lot this week!  You know, other than helping someone enter into the waters of baptism and open the gate that leads to exaltation.  Whatever, no big deal.  It was especially hard too because we had Stake Conference yesterday instead of church, so we have no idea who any of our members are.  Makes things a little difficult.  We'll figure it out though.  YOLO.

Love y'all!
-Elder Cox

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