Monday, December 23, 2013

oops, I missed a week - here's a little information from December 17th 

It's definitely a.."different" area.  It's also (I believe) the biggest in the state.  I was obviously prepared to work here, having experienced both the "little Mexico" of Maryvale (Phoenix) area as well as the nicer Trailside ward.  Since this is essentially just a combination of the two, I'm a perfect fit.  I am so excited to see how I can change this ward.  I know that we're going to do it, it's just a matter of time.  We figure that we're going to work Phoenix for the afternoon hours before dinner and bike everywhere, then in the evening (people in Laveen have jobs) we put the bikes on the car and drive them down there, and bike Laveen in the afternoon.  It's going to be legit.  I really believe that the Lord has prepared me for this area.  It's going to be hard but... whatever.  I can do hard things!  As far as safety is concerned (MOM), I have never felt threatened or even close to threatened in any of my areas.  Since we aren't affiliated with any gangs, we're safe.  Oh, and the simple fact that we're representatives of Jesus Christ and have angels buoying us up.  Whatever though, no big deal.
As far as miracles this week, here goes.  We have been going through our list of names that missionaries have talked to before, and just praying about who we need to see, when, etc.  Most of the time, whenever we go to a house, it turns out that the people don't even live there anymore.  So, we were out looking for a former investigator to see if we could get our foot back in the door.  We knock on the door and we ask for the guy and the person at the door just says "they don't live here any more".  Typical.  So as I usually do when we have disappointment, I ask "why did God send us here".  So we knocked on the next door neighbors house.  A teenager answers the door and we introduce ourselves.  He says "let me ask my mom" or something like that.  (he doesn't even live there, it's his girlfriend's mom... weird.)  She comes to the door and we ask her if she's ever talked to missionaries before.  She said no, and then invited us inside.  Wait, what?!  Yeah.  Never talked to missionaries and then just invites us inside.  That.  Never.  Happens.  Long story short, we taught the Restoration and they said they'd get baptized when they knew it was true.  Once again shows that because God seemingly leads us into failure, a lot of times it's because another door (PUN) is going to be opened.

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