Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A lot happened in my family this week!  I guess the world really doesn't stop revolving when you leave on your mission.  Stuff just kinda keeps going regardless of what I'm doing.  Weird how that works!
So Saturday we met this super nice ex-con! (Is that comforting Momma?)  He really is super cool though.  He got out of jail a week ago.  He was a serial killer and convicted pedophile!  Just kidding.  He was going into foreclosed houses and stealing appliances out of them.  No big deal. Anyway, "Ace"  was taking lessons from a Bishop that volunteers weekly at the jail and was learning a ton about the church while he was in there.  He got out and the Bishop made sure he got the information to the local missionaries so that he could continue investigating.  Pretty awesome!  So he seeked us out and we met him on Saturday.  He came to church Sunday too!  He really wants to serve, so we had a meeting set up with the Bishop to see what he could do.  Apparently he is now assigned to help clean the church building every Saturday.  Ace is such a cool dude!  But of course, he's on parole so he can't be baptized (without special First Presidency approval) for like a year.  Bummer.
We FINALLY were invited to Ward Council!!!!!!!!  I tell you, we're changing this ward.  Before, the Bishop told us that we weren't invited because there simply isn't enough room in there.  Well that's a bunch of crap.  Either way, when we met with Bishop one time we asked (again) if we could go to Ward Council and he said... "yeah, you guys can come."  Sweet!  Literally, I don't think missionaries in this ward have been to Ward Council for years.  Super awesome.  We are slowly but surely sparking a fire in the dying heartbeat of missionary enthusiasm in Capitol Ward.  Yippeeeee!

Th-dd-d-th-d--d-th that's all folks!
Love you!
-Elder Cox

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