Tuesday, January 21, 2014

News time!  I forgot to write down specifically what I'd write home about, so hopefully my memory is good.

Our investigator family, still great.  Came to church.  Did I mention they asked if they could pay tithing before they even get baptized?  Isn't that cool?  They are still a super legit family!  Nothing really new there!
We met this guy, and to put it nicely, he is a little rough around the edges.  He's killed a few brain cells doing this and doing that, and his physical condition is sub par.  However, he is probably the most sincere and selfless person I've met.  He'd give you the shirt off his back.  He really doesn't have much to give, but every time we go over there, he offers us soda or food or anything he can.  He doesn't seem at all like the type that would be interested in baptism, but his fiance is an active member that has influenced him towards the church.  We told him that he needs to quit smoking and drinking coffee.  I apologize for my sentence structure :P ).  He's been smoking for 50 years and said it would be super hard, but that he's willing.  We set a date for baptism, and gave him a blessing.  He made light of the situation a little bit, but you could tell that he felt the Spirit.  He's super sweet.
This other family moved into the ward (I told you about last week) and they're pretty cool.  They are another super impoverished family living in a trailer.  Unfortunately they didn't come to church yesterday, so hopefully nothing's up, but they seem pretty sincere.  They asked for help from the Bishop, which can be a little iffy for people that are super poor like that.  Bishop says that people always pretend to investigate until they get help, then they peace out.  I don't really think this is one of those families, but I'm just hoping that after we told them they can't get help, they just didn't come to church by coincidence.  Hopefully it's just coincidence!  Kind of a weird situation because the father has to get divorced, then married to his girlfriend he's living with now.  Should be able to work out!
Hmm.. I thought I had some more stories but most of them are about negative things that happened.  It was a pretty good week as far as member support is concerned though.  We're getting a lot more dinners lately and we got up to 13 Member Present lessons last week, which is the most I've gotten yet.  I don't know how it compares to other areas, but the Standard of Excellence is 16 Member Presents, so we were close!
I've gained like 15 pounds since I left home, so I think next month I'm going to eat a lot better.  I'll start running in the morning when it starts to be warmer outside (yeah yeah, like above 50).  It's still super hot here... all the time.  It's probably 75 or 80 today.  My fear is that "winter" is over already and that it's only going to get hotter.  Hopefully not the case! 
Welp.. that's pretty much it.  Love you family!
-Elder Cox

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