Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hey there again!  Happy new year!
Transfers next week.  Stay tuned!
I'll get right into story time!:
We have a baptism this weekend!  This guy is finally getting baptized after like 5 years of investigating the church.  He has really just been a "dry Mormon" for a really long time because he had a hole in his throat and couldn't get baptized because of it.  But, looks like he's finally healed and able to be baptized!  The best part is, his step-daughter who is...9?... is getting baptized with him too.  What a super awesome experience that they get to be baptized on the same day!  And I have the opportunity to be a part of it.
We have two other children over 8 that are on date for February 1st as well.  Super cool!

Let's see... our one family still needs to get married.  They were coming to church for a couple weeks straight but they missed yesterday due to a family emergency.  Dang Satan, always tries to get in the way!  They'll be baptized though, sure enough.  I know they will!  Just a matter of time.  And member fellowship.  And the Spirit.  And marriage.
We found nine new investigators this week.  I don't know about anyone else's mission, but for us that's quite a few.  The craziest part is that eight of them were found on Friday.  Eight in one day.  The worst part of that is that was the day I was gone for exchanges...  I guess I'm doing something wrong if the one day I happen to be gone they find eight investigators.  Sheesh!
Speaking of exchanges, I had the opportunity to be with Elder Jacobsen.  Elder Jacobsen is from Salt Lake and went to Highland High School.  I knew he had played guitar, so we were just talking about music and bands that we were in and all sorts of fun stuff.  He was talking about one of his bands he was in and was talking about how his drummer was super good, and had like 15 drum sets and a ton of basses and guitar amps and guitars that were all his, and how his drummer had a sweet studio that they played in.  In my head I though.. "man, that sounds SUPER familiar..", so I asked him "What was your drummers name?"  His response?  Matt Morrison.  HOLY FREAK MAN, Iplayed with Matt Morrison too!  It was such a coincidence.  My Zone Leader played in a band with Matt Morrison and is one of his really good friends, and went to high school with him and everything. Crazy coincidence.  Not coincidence.  I said something like "well freak man, let's baptize him!"  He then told me that Matt's a member.  I had no idea.  Apparently Matt's just super less-active.  We decided that it wasn't coincidence at all that we made this discovery of a mutual friend, and that we are going to A) be in a super killer band when we get home!  and B) totally get Matt going to church again.  Phoenix miracles.
I wish I had some more fun stories to tell, but that's just about all I got.  I'm a failure at remembering to write down what I want to tell my family about.  All well.  All you need to know is that the Church is true, the Book is blue, and Jesus was a Mormon too.  Also, I'm safe and plenty happy.  There's nothing more important than the work that's going on right now.  Even though I miss my family like crazy, it'll all be worth it in the end.  The blessings far outweigh the sacrifice!
Love you all.  Good luck with your new years goals!  I pray for you daily!
-Elder Cox

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