Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (I guess)

I wore a green tie.  That's about it.

News time!:

So apparently Brian ended up getting baptized up in Maryvale ward last Saturday!  SO SWEET!  I was way worried about Brian, but apparently his interview was Friday night, and the Elders up there planned and scheduled a baptism in 24 hours and made it happen.  I'm so proud of him.  Just wish I could've known about it so that we could make it there.  I'm sure he'll forgive me though!...

We stopped by Karen's again this week.  She's still a rockstar.  She'll always beTHE Golden Investigator.  We talked to her about the temple and doing family history.  When we asked her if she would schedule an appointment and do baptisms next weekend she pretty much said "no problem".  Karen.  Is.  Amazing.  I just want her husband Mike to get involved in the Gospel.  He's a really really nice guy, super supportive.  Just not interested I guess.  We'll keep praying and inviting. That's all we really can do!  I'm sure eventually he'll see how amazing Karen is and how much she's changed and want that to be a part of his life.  In any case, Karen is going to the temple to do baptisms so that's super legit.

MARIE CAME TO CHURCH!  Marie is the investigator that speaks very little English and mostly French.  Luckily, a member in Trailside ward got back from Canada while I was serving in Trailside a few months ago!  So we enlisted his help, as well as a member of our ward that speaks a little French.  He was able to bring her to church and translate everything for her during Sacrament meeting.  It was super awesome.  I'm really excited for Marie!

Okay, I forgot to mention some details about the new ward last time.  First of all, our ward is HUGE.  Not only the boundaries, but the congregation is massive.  Not only is the ward massive, but we just got a new Ward Mission Leader!  Our old WML was far sub-par.  The new ward mission leader was a counselor for the bishop in Capitol Ward, and his name is Brother Tuitavuki.  He seriously is just the best.  He's on fire!  He's a super big Samoan guy who can get anyone in the world to have a soft heart.  Not only that, but he loves missionary work and is very excited for the opportunity.  Way sick!  Not only THAT, but we have (had, but still sort-of have) a Ward Missionary whose sole purpose is scheduling DINNER.  Say whaaaat?  This ward is too awesome!

We have this cool Family Home Evening with the Price family every Monday.  The Price family is our main resource for everything Reservation.  They know tons of people on the Rez and have been doing unofficial missionary work for like 15 years there.  Brother Price reminds me a lot of uncle Dave actually.  He could fit right in our family.  Anyway, every Monday they go on the Rez and pick up a bunch of the Indian children and bring them to their home for Family Home Evening.  (Mind you, they don't abduct Indian children.  They have permission)  I think that's a really cool thing.  I've come to love the Indian people!

That's all the news I have for ya'll!  Sound like everything back home is just dandy!  Glad to hear everyone's doing alright.  The church is true!  I'm super glad to be on a mission!  I appreciate the sacrifice of family and others that make it possible for me to be here!  I love ya'll!

-Elder Cox

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