Monday, March 3, 2014

So... turns out I'm not in Maryvale ward after all!  We were pretty confused at the situation wondering what they'd do with us, because it wouldn't make sense to be in Gila River ward -- the ward in Laveen that just absorbed the southern Capitol ward members -- because we still live in Phoenix and we'd have to commute every day and waste like 20 miles (which is a lot of miles), and so we figured we'd be in Maryvale ward and just keep working in the northerly part of what used to be Capitol Ward up here in Phoenix.  The other thing was that there's already a District Leader in the Maryvale ward.  So it didn't really make a ton of sense to have two District Leaders in the same ward that cover different districts.  Even with that though, I figured it would make more sense to stay working in Phoenix because we live in Phoenix, right?


Come transfer day, we find out that we're "white-washing" into Gila River ward!  There were previously Sisters in this ward that were covering the Laveen Ward and the Gila River ward.  Now that Gila River just got more or less all of the active Capitol Ward members, they decided that it's best to have a new set of missionaries cover the Gila River ward.  So, thus far we've been commuting every day all the way down there and burning up miles.  But the good (and bad) news is that we're moving!

I heard nightmares about the house we are moving to, mainly just the fact that they don't use their AC in the summer.  Uh... WHAT?  Elder Francis told me before that it was consistently in the upper 80 degrees inside the house... at night.  So, needless to say I really didn't want to live there, but I figured we should sacrifice so that we don't have to waste God's gas.  Or His miles. :)

We should be moving in tomorrow, so any further mail should probably be sent to that address.  Unless you don't want me to get it.  In that case, send it to Africa.  They could probably use whatever it is.  As a weapon.  To hunt.

So that's that!  We're working in Gila River ward.  The bishop is super legit, and I already know like half the members because of the ones coming in from Capitol ward, and it looks like member dinners for this area are at an A-okay level!  I'm super excited for this area.  We also have an Indian Reservation!  I've always wanted to go on a rez ever since I came to Arizona.  I'm going to do everything I can to be inducted as an honorary member of a Native tribe.  Even if I have to go through some crazy right of passage and track and slay a bear and drink its blood... I'll do it.  More importantly,  I will baptize all of them.  After I baptize myself in bear blood.

Enough of that gruesome imagery.  My new companion!  My Trainee!  My greenie!  His name is Elder Phillips.  He's a short, brown-haired "military brat" that is from Sumpter South Carolina.  I wish I could say that he has a southern accent, but he's moved around a lot so he's not really from the south.  He's a really good Elder though!  I'm definitely excited for the change, and I look forward to working with him!

To answer some questions:
We'll still work with Karen.  She's down in Laveen and I thought I'd be in Maryvale, so I thought we weren't working with her any more.  We still will though!  The change has affected our teaching pool.  The Frias family is up in Phoenix and is now in the Maryvale ward, so we won't be seeing them much anymore.  The last I heard they got married on Saturday and we're still planning on going to their baptism this coming Saturday!  So everything is looking good for them.  We'll definitely come back when they're sealed too.  They definitely will be, because they're super legit!  Brian also lives up in Phoenix, so we are giving him to the Maryvale Elders as well.  Brian put himself back on date for the 15th, but he still has to overcome a lot of his issues before then. I have faith though!  I'm sure he'll make it.  He's just had such a hard life that I can't even imagine.

Oh yeah!  The Gilbert Temple dedication happened yesterday.  Sadly enough, that was my first dedication!  It was really cool though, and definitely an awesome experience!  The Spirit was very strong there, and I was even able to see some people there that we had taught previously, such as Grandma Hinkle  (you probably forgot who that is, but that's okay).

Welp, that's all I got for y'all this week!  The church is true, the Book of Mormon is true, tithing works, missionary work brings joy, do temple work for our ancestors please, pray for missionary opportunities, and have a great week!  

Love you!
-Elder Cox

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