Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So we found this cool new investigator named Mark! I think I already mentioned him last time. Mark is super solid though! It seems to me like he'll be another golden child. We had a lesson with him Saturday and we taught the Restoration. He completely understood everything that we were teaching him about and could connect all the dots. He says that he's felt he's been pushed in this direction for a long time. That made me excited because that's exactly what Karen said, and she's the most solid person anyone could imagine baptizing! When we asked if he would be baptized when he knew this was true he just gave us a firm "absolutely". It just sends chills down my back even thinking about it. We're super stoked for Mark! The Boyter girls got baptized yesterday! I may have not ever even mentioned anything about them... but we were teaching 9 and 10 year old girls and they got baptized in Utah yesterday. Pretty sweet! Super exciting to see more and more people coming into the gospel. Even more exciting that I could play at least a small role in helping them progress. It's so legit being out here. So. Legit! We've had a huge focus on member work lately. So we've been going by all the members of our ward and helping them do missionary work and share the gospel with their neighbors. I'm coming to realize that it really shouldn't be that hard! It's pretty easy to mingle it in everyday conversation. Anyway, I guess my point is that being a missionary is super awesome, and I encourage all to be member missionaries! This week has been pretty good anyhow. I don't really have a whole ton to report though. I see so many miracles every day that I tend to take them for granted and not remember to write my family about them. Woops! I love you all though and hope you have a fantastic week! Love you! -Elder Cox

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