Sunday, November 23, 2014

Okay so first things first: I ate a pizza. Here's the story:
I ate a big pizza.
Okay but really, there's this place called Venezios that sells pizza, right? Well apparently they have a pizza-eating challenge that includes you and a friend eating a 24-inch "party pizza" in under an hour. If you complete the challenge you get a free t-shirt, and your picture on the wall of the restaurant. We went out to eat there with a recent convert and he said he always wanted to do it but no one was ever man enough to accept the challenge. Having my bowels filled with mercy I accepted the challenge, soon to have my bowels filled with pizza instead. Long story short, we did it. We ate the whole pizza in 31 minutes. I even wrote "" at the top of our picture before it was put on the wall. Really what I'm getting at is, I'm awesome.

We had MLC this week again. Man, I swear there's an MLC every week. Truthfully, we're in the latter part of November and it's just that time again. Weird. Six quick weeks! Anyway, the analogy was made of missionary work to a war. Christ is our leader and we're all fighting sin and the adversary, etc. Pretty cool. Not much more to it!

So uh, yeah, Bailey got baptized. That was pretty legit! Her family was suuuper mean about it, but she did it anyway! Props to her. It was a great service and holy cow, you should've heard her testimony. She straight-up wrote a talk and shared it at her baptism. It was soo legit. I don't know how to describe it other than she gets it. She's on par with any of us with her understanding of the gospel, I think. Pretty awesome!

Other than that all our investigators either got baptized or completely stopped contact with us for the past few weeks. I guess we're back to square 1 with a pretty dry teaching pool and a lot of finding to do. I have high hopes about the Christmas season though! Hopefully people will understand that the Spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Christ. I think we can "sell" them on the fact that we can have that feeling with us all the time. Way cool blessing!

OH YEAH! I almost forgot about the Temple dedication! We watched all 3 sessions at the Institute building yesterday and it was super legit. Bailey even got to go, and Jodie was there too! Way cool experience for them. I remember not too long ago saying very similar things about a recent convert Karen and her being able to watch the Gilbert Temple dedication. Deja vu. Man how time flies! Anyway, we got to hear from President Uchtdorf and Monson as well as Elder Oaks, Elder Robins (one of my favorites) and others. Good stuff.

Welp... that's all folks. The church is true! Love ya.

-Elder Cox

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