Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The angel of death has passed by me! I finally get to stay! Looks like it's another 6 weeks of ASU! Elder Erikson is staying as well, but our third, Elder Baker, is training somewhere else... So that's a bummer.

I don't even know where to begin this week. Can you believe that it's already November? What the heck? I swear it's still August. Probably because up until today it's been 90 degrees still. Today it finally got a super cold 62 degrees. We're wearing sweaters. I'm not joking. It's freezing. I'm going to die next winter.

Let's see here... had a pretty good week. Lots of our cool investigators have flaked SO hard this week, which is lame, but we did get to teach some people. Sterling has especially been off the radar, but we'll get him. Something weird happens when you put people on date for baptism. Satan just attacks them immediately and you just have to fight for their souls for the next few weeks. It's crazy! He'll make it though!

As for Halloween, you guess it mom! We just went around party-hopping at all the wild parties on ASU campus. It was crazy! Not really though. We had to be in our apartment by 5:00 so... you can imagine how the evening went. Actually, you probably wouldn't guess. My roommates all wanted to go to the apartment gym and work out for 2 hours. For me, the 5:30 workout is good enough. So I went to another missionary apartment and played Clue. It was SO wild. I guessed Mrs. White in the Study with the Pipe, but she actually did it with the wrench. Life in the mission can be so hard sometimes! :'(

Haha we had fun. We were also fasting for Bailey on Halloween. She is going to talk to her parents about her baptism really soon. They're not super supportive so we're hoping she can have the Spirit tell her what to say and that her parents would be receptive. Hoping for the best!

Saturday we actually did go to a party. With the whole "JustServe" thing going (have I talked about that? Probably not. Look it up) we volunteered for the ASU day of service to help set up for the Homecoming Block party that they had before ASU's homecoming game against the U of U. So that was pretty fun. It reminded me a lot of Murray's Arts Fest. It was super weird because we were all just in normal clothes with our nametags on just going around helping people set stuff up. It was pretty legit though! I wish we could've gone to the game but, no dice. ASU won though, in case anyone was wondering. ;) We got a picture with Sparky, the ASU mascot before we left though. Pretty sweeeet.

Other than that, we're meeting with Gabe again tomorrow. Last week we asked him why he wasn't baptized (pretty much just straight up) and the only reason he gave is because he feels like he doesn't know enough people, and that his family would be un-supportive. So we asked him to pray about a baptismal date and get back to us. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow!

Janette accepted baptism for the 22nd as well, but we're pretty much for sure going to have to pass her off to someone else. Darn!

Drew wasn't there on Sunday, so no update on him.

I dunno, other than that I'm just SUPER stoked about staying here. This ward is the bessst. With transfers, two of our sisters are going to train. Sister Lin is a missionary from Taiwan and speaks Chinese. We just happen to have like 4 visa-waiters coming to our mission that are headed to Taiwan! So we're certain that her and the sister she lives with are both going to train the Chinese visa-waiters. We're going to have our own little Chinese zone. Ni Hao!

The church is true. We got to hear from Elder Uchtdorf and Christofferson on a Stake Conference broadcast yesterday. Super cool! The Phoenix temple is getting dedicated in two weeks. Big things here in AZ folks. Big things. The work is hastening! Jump on the train before it takes off without you!

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