Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good week this week! Happy Easter! We had dinner with a member family and had fish and honey (separately) because that's what Jesus ate after he was resurrected. I couldn't help but feel a little guilty of the past 19 years, because I feel like I've never really thought about the Atonement during Easter. Usually I find my basket and play video games or something. Having Easter on my mission kind of put things into perspective, I guess in a similar way that a mission Christmas does. It really helps focus thoughts on the Savior! We have a lot of really awesome people we're teaching. It's kind-of funny to see what obstacles are put in our way trying to help these people enter the covenant of baptism. We compare "solid" people to low-hanging fruit. If you're going to pluck fruit from a tree you aren't going to get a ladder and try to get the ones from the top that aren't even ripe yet, you're going to find the lowest one, and pick it. Same for investigators. It's just funny because a lot of our "low-hanging fruit" seems to have wasp nests right next to them. It's interesting to see what barriers need to be overcome. It just goes to show that the price of salvation doesn't come easy! It's all very worth it though. It wouldn't be any fun if all we did was walk around the bottom of the tree and pluck off fruit without any opposition! That's the thrill of the game! So I'm re-learning the importance of members in missionary work. It really makes so much of a difference. It's like walking around and trying to pick wasp-protected fruit, but you have a bee-keeper walking along with you. You see, you aren't always going to be at that same tree. At some point the mission president calls you and you have to go tend another tree. The bee-keeper though, is always going to be tending that--... alright, this analogy isn't working anymore. You get the point! Anyway, we've noticed that if we exercise the faith and bring a member out with us even if we have no lessons scheduled, God will always provide! Even if our appointment cancels, we almost always find someone to teach, and we help that member have a good missionary experience! Super fun! Not a whole lot more to report on this week! It's been awesome, and I still love this work. This area is BOOMIN and I'm super excited to be a part of it! This part of Laveen has been pretty uncultivated over the past couple years, and so to have a couple of fiery, go-get-em Elders in this area is a very good thing. It also helps that our Ward Mission Leader is one of the best I've ever seen. This really is the place to be! The more I study and learn the more I understand that absolutely everything goes back to one simple and eternal truth: That Jesus Christ is our Savior. That's it. That's the secret. That's the "good news" of the Gospel! I'm glad that I can share that with those around me, and I hope y'all are doing the same! Love you! -Elder Cox

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