Monday, May 12, 2014

May 5 No surprise there. It gets hotter every day. The mornings are still at a cool 80 degrees or so, but pretty soon it'll be 100 every morning. The member we live with keeps his AC at a crisp, cold 85 degrees so I've started piling on extra sweaters and blankets to be able to deal with the chill! Well, not exactly. More like I rub ice on my face at 12:30 and drink lots of ice-water in the middle of the night. I ain't seen nothin' yet though! Craaaazy! This week was pretty similar to any other week! We had some really good trainings given by President Toone though. He went to a mission president's seminar thing that Elder Bednar was in charge of, and we got some really cool insight out of it. The main theme of it was, "Act, don't be acted upon". He told a story of Elder Bednar's son who was trying to do his home-teaching. Every month they'd go to this family's house and knock on the door and they wouldn't answer. They knew they were inside but they wouldn't come to the door. This happened month after month and finally Bednar Junior called Elder Bednar up and asked him for advice. Elder Bednar just told him to act and not be acted upon, and wouldn't give any advice more than that. After pondering for a moment, Bednar Junior bows his head with his home-teaching companion and offers a prayer, and uses his Melchizedek Priesthood to bless the home and the family. It's a pretty awesome story! It rings very true in missionary work as well. Moral of the story: Act. We were assigned to give a talk this upcoming Sunday for Mother's Day. I guess the bishopric thought it would be funny to assign us to talk about our Mom's to make us super trunky on Mother's day. But, I'm excited to tell my ward about my super awesome Mama and how super and awesome she is. Love you Mom! Sorry I don't have like tons of stories to tell. I think I've started taking those simple tender mercies and miracles for granted. I'll do better at looking for those instead of taking them for granted! Hope y'all have a good week! -Elder Cox

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