Monday, May 26, 2014

Thaaat's right. I'm now an ASU Mormon MIssionary! I will be serving in Tempe now. My companion is Elder Bressler from Rexburg, Idaho. He's a super cool guy! I can tell already that we'll get along just fine. So far being a zone leader isn't that bad, just some logistical stuff going on. I haven't really had to do a lot considering it's only been a couple days, but so far it's kind of fun! It's funny because one of my old zone leaders, Elder Jacobsen stepped down to train for his last transfer in his mission and he's actually in my zone. So I'm a zone leader to my old zone leader. Still don't know what President was thinking putting Elder Bressler and I in the YSA ward at ASU, but I promise I won't party too hard. It is summer here, so it's going to be different finding people because... everyone moved back home for the summer... but it should still be a success! The work here is absolutely 100% completely different than the other areas I've been in. Because our teaching pool is so... specific... being 18-30 year old unmarried people, we really have to rely on members referring us to their friends. It's a totally different beast of missionary work, but like I say. It should be fun! It's weird to think that my first day in the mission field we were dropped off at ASU campus and had to street contact. Now I'm back!

Remember my trainer, Elder Forson? When we were split up he actually came to this ward and that's when I went to Trailside. He had been here ever since, but he actually ended up being an Assistant to the President so I just came in and took his place. We live with the Assistants, so I'm living with Elder Forson and Elder Jurgensmeier (old zone leader) again. Crazy fun!

Because the Assistants are in my zone, I had the chance to interview one of their investigators for baptism! It was only my second interview I've ever given, and the first one was with a nine year old kid. It was a pretty interesting experience being able to do that.

The cool thing about ASU campus is that there is sooo much diversity. There are a TON of Chinese people that go to school here, so I've already had the chance a little bit to speak the tiny bits of Chinese that I know. Maybe I'll be able to learn more and baptize a bunch of Chinese people! I'll keep practicing my Chinese and who knows, maybe I'll be fluent by the time I get home. Probably not, but maybe?

It really is weird working here. In order to work on ASU you have to be yourself and not be a robotic type of missionary. It's a lot of fun, because really we just talk to people our same age about the gospel. I feel like I'm just a college student that wears a name-tag all day and talks to a bunch of cool kids about the gospel. Makes me feel hip and groovy hanging with the cool cats. Yo.

Other than that, not a whole lot to say. It's been a super crazy week with much more craziness ahead. More responsibility and challenge is always fun. I'm glad that God has blessed me with peace and patience that I have to be able to endure so well. Not that it's super hard or anything, but I know without his help I'd be... helpless! With him though, I'm conquering the world and it's great. I'm having a blast!

Love y'all! -Elder Cox

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