Monday, May 12, 2014

Since I talked to the fam yesterday, this letter should be quick! I realized that when you asked me if there were any new people I was teaching, that I could have elaborated more on the people we are still teaching. We aren't really teaching anyone new, but we have made some progress with some of the people we are teaching! Remember Marie from Haiti who only speaks French and Creole? Well we've been pretty frustrated at trying to teach her because it so difficult with the language barrier. Even with a translator there, it's almost impossible to know where she's at. We've been teaching her for a while and we've almost wanted to just give up, feeling that she hasn't gotten anywhere. We had a lesson with her on Friday and she told us that she's gotten to Alma in the Book of Mormon. She talked to our translator for a bit and he turns and tells us, "She says she's interested in baptism. She wants to get baptized in a month." What in the world?! Huge testament of the Book of Mormon for me. I feel like we literally haven't taught her anything or said anything to help her progress in the gospel. Literally all of her desire to be baptized comes from the Book of Mormon. How amazing is that? The Book of Mormon truly has converting power! We've been teaching an unbaptized youth named Dakota for a little while and he came to church today for the first time in years! I was so excited to see him and the rest of his family there! It'll only be a matter of time before we get him excited about accepting a baptismal date! Other good news is that Mark M. who we've been teaching for a while is getting married this weekend, so stay tuned for more news on him! The other Mark, Mark S. had his baby blessed last week. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it, but they invited Elder Phillips and I to be a part of the blessing! It was a super cool experience! He also came to the church and played basketball with the Elder's Quorum on Saturday. Pretty awesome! Anyway, that's all folks! It was good seeing everyone yesterday! -Elder Cox

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