Monday, July 20, 2015

For whatever reason President Toone and the assistants decided they wanted to ship me back to the University Ward for the THIRD time now.  I guess the third time's the charm. Honestly, church was kinda awkward. Bishop was like "man, we can't get rid of you!" He's not kiddin, can't keep me off his campus I guess. I'm companions with Elder Soloa'i and Elder Richards. Good guys.

We met a guy that went to Murray around the time my parents were there. He's a less active member who lived in Salt Lake and hung out with Murray kids sometimes. He said he smoked weed and drank with them and he hasn't given up that lifestyle in 40 years. Anyway, my patriarchal blessing says that I've "been sent to an extraordinary mother and father who have establisheda gospel family" and that I should "always thank the Lord profusely for them". I couldn't agree more. I basically got to see in this guy what might have happened in our family had Dad and Mom not lived thegospel, so thanks.

Anyway our lesson with this guy was really cool. We chatted about everything (more of a one-sided conversation) about beer, politics, Utah, snowboarding, and it ended with him crying saying he sometimesthinks he chose the wrong path. What the awesome? He just said that our parents did a good job at raising us and we told him he was doing a good job too. He said "I'm trying to, I really am" and then starts crying. I love making grown men cry. Anyway, good times.

We went golfing last p day and it was pretty legit. I'll see if I can attach the video of me being terrible.So last Thursday were the departure activities for all the departing missionaries. We went to the Gilbert Temple, had a dinner and a devotional. We all bore our testimonies and watched a slideshow of a bunch of pictures from the mission with really trunky music in it. Itwas good to see my companion off to the land of eternal p-days.

Welp, not a lot going on at ASU because...once again, it's the middle of summer and no one's here. I will have served here during two summers and Christmas break. Nevertheless, it's good to be here and I'm working hard my last couple weeks, the church is still true.

Love ya,Elder Cox

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