Monday, July 6, 2015

June 29

We're emailing from iPads today so it's probably going to be a little brief.  So I gave a talk in church yesterday about missionary work and it went pretty well. When I was preparing for the talk I wanted to talk a little bit about service and I wanted to talk about finding that ladyCarrie that I mentioned before. I called the missionaries from my area in Chandler and ask them about her, and it turns out that she was going to be baptized five minutes from the time that I called! The Elder said something I probably won't forget: "your seed has been sownElder Cox". It was a cool moment.

The family of four that I was talking about got married! They apparently came to church although I didn't see them some members told us that they were there. We were told by the bishop that apparently a text we sent to them offended them and now they are mad at us. Thetext said "are you guys coming to church? haha" and apparently that rubbed them the wrong way. Anyway, we're still looking at baptizing them within the next few weeks but we have to help them love us first.
We were in an apartment complex looking for names that were given to us by the ward mission leader, and we bumped into student named Chris.  We knocked on his apartment and asked for the person we were lookingfor but he wasn't it. He told us that he had met with the previous missionaries but had recently moved into where he's at now.  We asked him if there was a time that we could come by and he let us in right on the spot.  We had a quick lesson with him and invited him to pray. After we left we realize that we are at the completely wrong apartment complex.  I said they'll there on time that the Lord sometimes makes weak things become strong.

There was a cool experience we had while teaching a less active member. We went over there with one of the young men and we talked to her about why she hasn't been to church for a while. She was very open with her reasons and provided a plethora of excuses. We were able to talk her through most of her things but by the end of the discussion, she told us that she didn't want to lie to us or promise anything that she couldn't keep. She said she probably won't wake up. Well yesterday when we were in our first word around 10:00 she sent us aFacebook message with a picture of her in address saying "I'm up". She ended up coming to church and was fellowshipped and it was sweet!

Welp, that's about all I care to type. The church is still true, so that's good news. 

Love ya'll.Elder Cox

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