Monday, July 6, 2015

June 22

Hey ya'll!

So we were able to convince that family of four to postpone their baptism.  It sounds super backwards, well it is, but it will be for the better.  They are so stressed about planning their wedding that the baptism is completely overshadowed.  They did  come to church, but they came like halfway through the second hour so they missed most of it.  We called the dad last night and he said he wants to follow the Priesthood and do it the right way which is way sweet coming from an investigator.  They're super solid, we just need to put them back on date after the wedding and it should happen within a couple weeks.  Sweet!

We were teaching this guy like Wednesday-Saturday every single day.  He's an older guy with lots of health problems and his biggest hangup was that he would break his back when he got baptized.  Not even joking.  So as we were trying to resolve that concern, he calls us Saturday and tells us he talked to his little brother -- who is super anti-Mormon -- and said that his brother told him he would stop talking to him if he joined the church... Bummer.  So he dropped us for the time being.  Satan 1, Missionaries 0.
I forgot to mention last weeks Mission President devotional.  I got a TON of awesome news from previous areas that I served in.  The two speakers were Megan, a girl that I helped find when I was at ASU, and Randy, who is the RLDS guy that I interviewed.  It was sweet that I had at least some part in their process.  Anyway, Megan's story was awesome and she was a completely different person than the first time I met her.  Randy's testimony was still as awesome as when I interviewed him.  Other than that, Elder Erikson told me about that kid John that we were teaching at ASU for a little bit.  John was the guy  that just walked into the institute wanting to learn about the church.  I set him on date but he didn't end up getting baptized that day.  Anyway, Elder Erikson told me that he just got  baptized last Saturday.  I was so stoked!  Then, Elder Last, one of my other companions, told me about the lady Carrie that we found.  I think I told you the story that we went "service tracting" and found Carrie.  We never really got to teach her, but apparently she's on date for baptism soon as well.  It's always good to hear the end of the story, you know?  Even though I didn't have much part in the teaching process for these people, I got to be involved at least in part, and it just goes to show that you never know what efforts will yield fruits.

Short and sweet this week... and probably every other week for the next 6 weeks or so.
Love ya!-Elder Cox

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