Monday, July 6, 2015

June 15

Yep, it's hot.
Good week this week!  Where do I start... hmm.
Well we have a family of four on date!  Best part?  We've never even met them.  We called them on the phone and they're planning on getting married the 23rd, aaand they'll get baptized the same day!  They didn't come to church though (go figure) so we'll probably push the date back so they can demonstrate their faith and keep coming to church.  In any case, miracle family of four!  I'm fairly sure that it was in response to my fast for this month, being that we can end our missions with at least one baptism for the transfer.  Good stuff.  God is good.

Well we went fishing last week!  It was my first time in about two years and I caught a couple!  We used hot dogs actually... just in some neighboring park.  I caught like three and Elder Wallentine (not related to Craig) caught a few and a HUGE coy fish.  It was pretty legit.  We had one of the youth take us and he invited like 6 of his nonmember football buddies.  Good times.  We were blessed with nice cool weather, partly cloudy and around 98 degrees.  It was a nice day.

Other than that, meetings meetings meetings.
    Tuesday we had interviews.  Once again the zone leaders get shafted and didn't get any, but it's all good.  The meeting was all about all the little things that we're doing wrong and how we need to be better, etc. etc.
    Wednesday we had a meeting with the zone to talk about upcoming p-day activities, played a get-to-know-you game, and set a baptismal goal for the zone, all around pretty good.
    Thursday we had MLC which was almost verbatim what our interview meeting was about.  That meeting lasted from 9:00-3:00.  By the time we get home we eat dinner and have a meager 3 hours to work.  I forgot how crappy meetings can be.
    Friday was weekly planning, as usual and meet with the Sister Training Leader to talk about what we'll train on for Zone Meeting this Tuesday.
    Saturday  meet with the Sister Training Leader again to talk about what we'll train on for Zone Meeting.
    Sunday, six hours of church and the Mission President's Devotional.  Got about an hour of proselyting in.  YIKES.
Anyway, not complaining, just observing.

Other than that there has been a lot of emphasis this week and continual reminders about the importance of the Priesthood.  We have a recent convert in the ward who just got the Melchizedek Priesthood and we get to teach him all about it on Thursday, which I'm excited about.  They have the cutest little kids ever and I'm stoked for them to have the Priesthood in their home.  One of the wards had a lesson on the Priesthood as well, and throughout it I was just imagining myself giving blessings and such to my future wife and children (I'm not trunky AT ALL).  Anyway, I'm grateful for that power and I'm glad I get to use it.
Well that's all I got for this week.  It's all a blur.  The church is true, that's all I remember.
Love ya,
-Elder Cox

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